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Jewish Holiday Passover begins March 29, 2010

The Jewish Holiday of Passover for 2010 begins Monday, March 29 at sundown.

*How do Jewish people celebrate their ancestors' release from Egyptian slavery?
*How can Christians and Jewish believers in Jesus view this holiday?
See the post "How Christians Can Celebrate Passover" here on this blog for more information.


Archaeological Dig uncovers possible piece of Solomon's Temple

In February, 2010, an archaeological excavation in Israel uncovered a gate, tower and wall that could verify the existence of Solomon’s Temple 3,000 years ago.

The structures, near the Temple Mount outside Jerusalem, are currently being verified as dating back to the tenth century B.C. This would place them at the time of the first temple built by King David’s son Solomon, as recorded in 1 Kings 5 of the Old Testament.

Skeptics have tried to disprove biblical events since the days in which they occurred, but some archaeological finds have stood the test of time in proving biblical events as truth.